Look of Today: Femme Fatale Opaline Shoal and Fyrinnae Meloncholy, and a No Mirror Challenge

brows (2 of 3)

It’s no secret that I am in love with Femme Fatale duochromes. I haven’t really had a chance to give Opaline Shoal a good go yet, swatched here. With a No Mirror Challenge up in r/MUA on Reddit (that I inevitably didn’t post to, because I’m a chickenpants), I decided it was a great opportunity to whip Opaline Shoal out, and give Jade Ghost and Meloncholy some much needed exercise. Admittedly, the No Mirror challenge was a bit harder than I had thought it might be…so fool hardy! Haha 🙂 Let’s take a look.

Behold! The monstrosity that is my first recorded makeup thing ever:

But briefer and in photos, the starting point:

nomakeup (1 of 4)

The goal was to use these products without a mirror:

  • Femme Fatale Opaline Shoal
  • Fyrinnae Arcane Magic in Evolution
  • Fyrinnae Jade Ghost
  • Shiro 1-Up Blush
  • Pumpkin & Poppy oak bark contour powder
  • Fyrinnae Meloncholy lip lustre

Among some other things that will be shared at the bottom…

This is the breathtaking no mirror result:

nomakeup (2 of 4)

nomakeup (3 of 4)

nomakeup (4 of 4)

Oooo! Aaah! (Frankly, the brows are really my favorite part).

Unfortunately I did need to go outside at some point throughout the day and actually had to attend a wedding in the evening, so this magnus opus would have to wait for another day to see the warm sunlight.

I did, however, want to do a real version of this, using my now coveted mirror, and the same products… this is what resulted:

brows (3 of 3)

I just have to say, it is AMAZING what you can accomplish when you aren’t about to stab yourself in the eye with a mascara stick, stab yourself in the eye with an eyelash curler, or stab yourself in the eye with a makeup brush.

brows (1 of 3)

My amazement doesn’t stop there– blending, mysterious beast that it is, apparently requires a mirror to show its vain face.

brows (1 of 1)

If I’m honest, I actually removed this particular eye makeup and applied neutrals with a cat eye for the wedding that evening, because this clashed with my navy-with-bright-orange-cherries dress, but this is what I wore for the rest of the day, and damnit it felt well earned. As always, Fyrinnae’s lip lustres are terrific. I am also convinced that Jade Ghost may actually go with everything. Opaline Shoal is an incredibly beautiful shadow, and anyone looking for a unique, pale lavender should consider this one!


  • MUFE HD foundation in 110
  • Palladio herbal foundation primer
  • Laura Mercier secret concealer in 01 and secret brightening powder
  • Anastasia dipbrow in Auburn
  • Clumpcrushers in black
  • MUFE full coverage concealer
  • NARS smudgeproof eye primer
  • Darling Girl glitter glue
  • Femme Fatale Opaline Shoal, Fyrinnae Jade Ghost, Laura Mercier Violet Ink and Plum Smoke
  • Shiro 1-Up blush
  • Pumpkin & Poppy oak bark contour powder
  • Fyrinnae Meloncholy lip lustre
  • Fyrinnae Hollywood Sorcery finishing powder

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