Swatches and Review: Tilt Shift Cosmetics Lipslicks

ts-18I love lipsticks. I also love space. One of the great things about indie products is they can marry crazy things like this– like I also love eyeshadow, and I love animal puns. I also love purples, pinks, and reds… so when Tilt/Shift Cosmetics, run by the incomparable Niahm, had a 20% off sale in July, you betcher butt that I went totally insane and bought all the colors of lipslicks available to me in full sizes. Tilt/Shift Cosmetics has just reopened from a brief hiatus, so now is the time to decide which of these gorgeous colors calls to you from across the misty moors, because they are truly lovely.

Onto the lipsticks!!

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Review: Shiro pressed palette with Whiteout, Doge, Farewell Wherever You Fare, and War of Five Armies


Today was the first day that I thought I might have felt the chill of fall creeping into the air… nothing accentuated, but a sort of hint, a whisper. Or maybe I’m just ready to be done with summer because I’m a white-as-white-bread chick whose ancestry comes from places that don’t see sun 2/3rds of the year. Whatever, potato potahto. Either way, I felt like I had to begin my dark lip practice- you know, wearing dark lips maybe slightly before it’s seasonally appropriate in order to get yourself used to the look (Full disclosure: I think people should wear whatever makeup whenever they want, because feeling fabulous has no season).

What better an opportunity to whip out my darkest burgundy lipstick than to pair it with my NEW SHIRO PRESSED PALETTE THAT CAME TODAY. Caps are necessary because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO EMOTE MY ENTHUSIASM ONLINE. Except maybe through italics, which seem a bit like an insane whisper…

shcustom-9Look at it.

shcustom-10Just look at it.

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Swatches and Review: Notoriously Morbid Glass Apples Lip Tint from August Vanishing Cabinet

ga (3 of 6)

I have been very upfront in saying that I LOVE Notoriously Morbid Coffin Kissers. FOOL that I was, when I was browsing the Notoriously Morbid website for the first time I sidled over to their lip products page and positively scoffed when I saw that the only thing there was a lip balm. A lip balm, barely makeup at best, no coloring, why bother?

EXCEPT NO. I have really dry lips. I drink a lot of water. I moisturize within a sometimes overly complex, but exceedingly gentle-for-sensitive-skin skincare routine. I put sunscreen on my lips, for crying out loud. But most lip balms dry out my lips and accentuate their general desert-y-ness. Not so with Coffin Kissers. I added it to my order last minute, put it on my lips when it arrived, and it was love-at-first-mouth-to-balm.

Imagine then, dear reader, my excitement when I opened up my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet of the month to find A COFFIN KISSER LIP TINT.

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Swatches and Review: Blackbird Cosmetics Loose Matte Shadows

blackbird (2 of 7)

I’m a bit of a desert rat. I’ve grown up around red rock landscapes since I was a kid, and being a pretty huge nature nerd I like iron-y earth underneath my fingernails, ravens circling overhead, and miles of rusty slot canyons to climb through. No doubt, this probably informed my love earth tones. These are the colors, textures… hell, even smells of my childhood:


It should come as no surprise , then, that I have been eyeing earth-toned mattes from Blackbird Cosmetics since it opened at the end of June. When Maleah recently asked if I would be willing to give her shadows a try, I was PSYCHED! I’ve been on a glitter-and-sparkle binge with all of my indies recently (Shh, shhh Alkahestry, it’s ok, I still love you!), but have been craving some good, grounded mattes in some fabulous colors. Full disclosure: She generously provided me a sample pack of her shadows for free, and I am very happy to provide a really honest review of them in return… and I have to be up front in saying that I think these shadows are totally fab!

Come with me, wee ones, let us get a closer look!

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Look of Today: Smokey Eye and a Life’s Entropy Lip Theory for a special house concert

smoke (2 of 4)

This past week and a half has been NUTS! Among several big things going on in Magpieland, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be a house tour stop for one of our favorite musicians, Jim Bianco (cue fangirlish screaming that I held back while trying to be cool… if you haven’t heard his music yet, STOP READING THIS and go listen to Never Again).

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