Swatches and Review: All four Notoriously Morbid Glass lip tints

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I love me a good lip tint! I was thrilled when I got Notoriously Morbid’s Glass Apples lip tint in my August Vanishing Cabinet, and even more thrilled when I found out that three more were being released (including Glass Berries, which I used in this look here). I’ve done a substantial amount of damage in the past few Black Friday sales I have raided (oh Hello Waffle, I can’t quit you!), but while I’m waiting for all of my goodies to arrive, I have to entertain myself somehow! So why not with lip swatches of all four of the Glass lip tints, huh?


Glass Peaches

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I would say my favorite of the bunch is Glass Peaches, which is a beautiful pink-y peach color that is… you guessed it, peach scented.

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It’s a really natural looking color, and really moisturizing.

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Glass Strawberries

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Glass Strawberries is a close second, though! I LOVE Notoriously Morbid’s strawberry scent, and this pink is really delightful. Of course as a lip tint it’s nowhere near totally opaque, but it’s beautiful, sheer, and a little darker than Glass Peaches.

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Glass Berries

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Actually, I’m a liar, Glass Strawberries and Glass Berries are tied, I think! Glass Berries looks dark in the tube, but because it’s so sheer it’s not nearly as dark on the lips. Berries is, as you would expect, considerably more purple toned than the other glass tints

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This is going to be a great no-fuss holiday color!

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Glass Apples

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My Glass Apples comes in a different tube because it was made at a different time– all of the other glass lip tints came in round tubes. I personally prefer the oval tubes, because I find them to be easier to apply.

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Glass Apples is about as dark as Glass Berries, but it’s red, as opposed to purple. The colors both look really similar on me, but for people who have less pink in their natural lip color I think they would look more distinct.

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Overall Thoughts

These lip tints have the same formula of Coffin Kissers, which I’ve raved about multiple times on this blog because the formula is fantastic. The only lip balm I’ve tried that competes with it is Ten Three Lab’s salvesticks. The tints are super moisturizing with the perfect amount of color– enough to affect decently pigmented lips but not so much that you’re dealing with the fussiness of applying lipstick.

As a side-note, Notoriously Morbid’s Black Friday sale goes through Cyber Monday, and is 40% off with thisarethis. Curse you, Black Friday, my wallet weeps!


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