Polish Review: Femme Fatal Lunar Halo


I finally have an indie nail polish to post about!! Eeee! It took a while to hop across several ponds, but my Femme Fatale polish order arrived this past week and everything is soooo beautiful. I’ll do a little post about each of them, but this one is Lunar Halo, a gorgeous beige with silver, blue, and green shimmer. It is natural enough that it’s wearable in every-day life, but the iridescent glitter makes me feel like a princess.

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Let’s try some black french tips!


flat,550x550,075,fThis Large Wood Nymph inspired me to try a black and cream motif for my nails this week (PEOPLE, people, we are moving on TWO WEEKS into the Diabolical Agenda To Learn To Stop Biting My Nails). I love butterflies, but unfortunately don’t know as much about individual species as I would like. But damnit if I won’t still try to draw inspiration from them! As a humorous aside, I once worked with a girl who was afraid of butterflies (like, reacted to them like I react to big fat spiders in my sink). I discovered this in the moment– we were walking away from the tool shed at work and a butterfly lightly flitted past her face, and she shrieked and damn near fell ass over feet. Thankfully we were both able to laugh about it later. I also learned that butterflies don’t give a shit about what people are doing, unlike spiders and wasps. Probably for the best, though I would have been interested in seeing a butterfly attempt to attack somebody. (If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure this is exactly what she was afraid of.)

I’m not quite ready to attempt a butterfly wing pattern yet, so I went with black french tips!


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Something new… cupcake inspired nails!


DSC_0212I have a confession to make. Actually, two confessions:

1. I am a horrible nail biter. As in, reduce-fingers-to-bloody-stumps nail biter. That is not an attractive picture, but it’s something I have been working on for ages and haven’t quite found a good solution for. Regular polish, gross tasting polish, rubber bands to snap on my wrist, my husband poking me every time I do it… it all works for a while, but not permanently. So I am now trying the ‘nails as art’ angle, assuming I won’t want to ruin something I spent a stupid amount of time attempting. And as I am now learning just how LONG it takes to properly do nails, I’m thinking this one might have some purchase, because if there is anything I hate it’s three hours of work (combined with three hours of waiting) going down the drain.

2. I am shit at nail polish. Relating to Point 1, I don’t tend to do a lot with my nails, so I have no skill in this particular area and am orders of magnitude away from the amazing things I see on the internet. BUT I am working under the assumption that one can learn how to do almost anything, so we persevere!

So this is Line Item 1 in my Diabolical Agenda To Learn To Stop Biting my Nails!

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