Polish Review: Femme Fatal Lunar Halo


I finally have an indie nail polish to post about!! Eeee! It took a while to hop across several ponds, but my Femme Fatale polish order arrived this past week and everything is soooo beautiful. I’ll do a little post about each of them, but this one is Lunar Halo, a gorgeous beige with silver, blue, and green shimmer. It is natural enough that it’s wearable in every-day life, but the iridescent glitter makes me feel like a princess.

DSC_0485Even in the bottle it looks a little ethereal. I had no issues with application– I did just one swipe of polish and found plenty of glitter was deposited just in that sweep. The beige color is pretty sheer, so if you wanted a more opaque polish you would need to add an opaque polish underneath.


I added little french tips because, well, this is a girly nail polish!


This being my first experience with Femme Fatale polish, I am so pleased! I have four other colors I will be trying out, but this one will be perfect for the rest of the work week… AND it’s been nearly three weeks since any nail biting has occurred. Diabolical plan in action!

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