About the Magpie

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I’ve really only gotten ‘into’ makeup as a more serious, daily exploration in the past year or so. Before that it was something I enjoyed, but was largely a frightening mystery that I wasn’t entirely prepared to solve but still had to be involved in for special occasions and what not. I love the art inherent within makeup, the exploration of color and shape on a sometimes incredibly fickle canvas, and the constant growth of learning new methods and improving skills. In my non-makeuping time I particularly love the outdoors, and am a huge bird nerd. I try to keep myself active with a broad range of hobbies, from fiddling to knitting, but more than most anything else I love cuddling with my dogs and singing Broadway musicals with my husband.

I use a Nikon D5100 for my photos, with either the 18-55mm lens, or the 35mm 1.8g lens.

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