Review and Swatches: Shiro Custom Gloss, Dolce Shiro! Also, Darling Girl Super Star serum!



Guys. Guys. This week seemed really long. Has anybody else noticed? But as long as it was, when I got home on Wednesday my CUSTOM SHIRO GLOSS WAS WAITING FOR ME. And that was a highlight.

Shiro lip glosses are officially the only lip glosses I can stand. Typically the slip and stickiness slowly drives me insane as it gets on my clothes and face and personal items, because I live every day life with the genteel poise of a crabby two-year-old… but the wizardry of Caitlin’s lip gloss prevents this from happening. It’s lip goop like all glosses are, but goop without the stick and somehow with shine and lasting power. I don’t know of another product I can easily compare it to? In some ways it’s a little similar to YSL glossy stains, I suppose, but they don’t seem to stain as much and YSL stains are a bit thicker/stickier.

I also received my Darling Girl order this week with the Super Star serum, so it was time to put that to work.

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Something new… cupcake inspired nails!


DSC_0212I have a confession to make. Actually, two confessions:

1. I am a horrible nail biter. As in, reduce-fingers-to-bloody-stumps nail biter. That is not an attractive picture, but it’s something I have been working on for ages and haven’t quite found a good solution for. Regular polish, gross tasting polish, rubber bands to snap on my wrist, my husband poking me every time I do it… it all works for a while, but not permanently. So I am now trying the ‘nails as art’ angle, assuming I won’t want to ruin something I spent a stupid amount of time attempting. And as I am now learning just how LONG it takes to properly do nails, I’m thinking this one might have some purchase, because if there is anything I hate it’s three hours of work (combined with three hours of waiting) going down the drain.

2. I am shit at nail polish. Relating to Point 1, I don’t tend to do a lot with my nails, so I have no skill in this particular area and am orders of magnitude away from the amazing things I see on the internet. BUT I am working under the assumption that one can learn how to do almost anything, so we persevere!

So this is Line Item 1 in my Diabolical Agenda To Learn To Stop Biting my Nails!

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When you see your package is out for delivery…

I ordered a Shiro custom color lip gloss recently (along with a Cognitive Recalibration lip gloss and full size 1-Up blush), and because I’m hoping to wear it to a special work thing coming up soon, Caitlin very generously sped up my order a bit for me. Moments ago I just checked my shipment tracking…

out for delivery

Postman better watch out.


Look of Today: Femme Fatale The Nightmare, Hello Waffle Rainforest, Notoriously Morbid Kompanion No. 9


I don’t do smoky eyes very often, because I find them to be sort of terrifying to do (when do you become a raccoon? At what point have you verged into Pandaland?), but today I am excited because I got some good news that needs to be kept on the down-low… the smoky, secret down-low. Plus, I get excited about things before they come to fruition too often, so I need to work on not over blowing things before they become a reality. So how better to distract myself than with Femme Fatale’s The Nightmare?

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Swatches and Review: Hello Waffle shadows and lip balms (Seedless, Ginger Kitties, Rose)


I LOVE mythology and fairy tales. Always have, always will. Oh the hours I have spent pouring over and my mother’s old Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson books… sigh. It was no surprise to me that I fell in love with Hello Waffle’s branding right away, then. I should count myself fortunate that Christine, Hello Waffle’s owner, has an amazing eye for color, because I would have bought her stuff either way! (We can discuss self control later). I bought her Blogger Pack, which is a generous compilation of two full sized shadows, a full sized lip balm, two lip balm samples, and 10 sample shadows (and now includes one full sized blush and one sample blush, all for $30, a generous deal!).

Let’s take a peek!

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