Swatches and Review: Hello Waffle shadows and lip balms (Seedless, Ginger Kitties, Rose)


I LOVE mythology and fairy tales. Always have, always will. Oh the hours I have spent pouring over and my mother’s old Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson books… sigh. It was no surprise to me that I fell in love with Hello Waffle’s branding right away, then. I should count myself fortunate that Christine, Hello Waffle’s owner, has an amazing eye for color, because I would have bought her stuff either way! (We can discuss self control later). I bought her Blogger Pack, which is a generous compilation of two full sized shadows, a full sized lip balm, two lip balm samples, and 10 sample shadows (and now includes one full sized blush and one sample blush, all for $30, a generous deal!).

Let’s take a peek!

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