Look of Today: Fyrinnae, Hello Waffle, Shiro, and Femme Fatale rosy extravaganza!


This week has been a bit of a whirlwind! I just finished an 11-day stretch of working, and have had great opportunities cropping up. It’s kept me from properly swatching my recent orders, but nothing can keep me away from taking a bit to play with some of them. Today I wanted something sweet and romantic, but with a slightly more classic edge to it. Pinks, wings, and red lips it is!

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Look of Today and Swatches: Notoriously Morbid Give Me $20, Boe, and Cry Wolf Cry, and Coffin Kissers ROCK


Notoriously Morbid shadows, Give me $20 across the lid, Boe in the outer V and crease and used as liner, Cry Wolf Cry blending the two together.

Due to clerical errors that led to white-bread white skin+full sun+extended time, a full face will not be included for the betterment of the public. The authorities are looking into who would allow this oversight to happen, but in the meantime, as I am working through applying ungodly amounts of eyeshadow to my arms (I have finally convinced my husband that this is totally normal and that there is no need for alarm… mwahaha) I wanted to still provide an eye-only look for the day while approaching the shadows piecemeal.

A while ago, the beautiful (and enabling) Saskia from Pretty Trivialities suggested I consider Give Me $20 from Notoriously Morbid. I LOVE teal and mint in almost any shade, and although I don’t know they are the best colors for my complexion (maybe? who knows?), they can be pried from my cold, dead hands before I give them up. I am also an unrepentant taupe addict, and have been questing for more great neutral shades to wear to work. Thus, the following swatches were born:

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Look of Today: Femme Fatale Candied Apple, Prismo, and Shiro Little Bird, and Hello Waffle Ginger Kitties lip balm

Monday this week my summer season at work kicked into high gear. Serves me right that this also coincides with the mailman (ei. my love-hate relationship) bringing four orders I have been waiting on: Hello Waffle, Darling Clandestine, Femme Fatale, and Notoriously Morbid. Reviews and looks with all of these amazing products will be coming this next week, BUT in the mean time I did have some time to play around with some of the Femme Fatale shadows!

Like a fool, I almost didn’t order their Candied Apple shadow… but I am SO GLAD I DID. Observe:



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Swatches and Review: Fyrinnae neutrals (and Debonair!), Hollywood Sorcery finishing powder, and Meloncholy lip lustre



I’ve been happily using my Fyrinnae Pygmy Hippo lip lustre since I received it mid-May, but of course the green-eyed makeup monster within me (in my mind’s eye it has razor sharp eyeliner wings and perfect brows) has driven me to covet that which I do not have… most specifically, I have been eyeing Meloncholy, because I can’t get enough of coral shades. Once I got that far, of course it only seemed practical to also pick up more pink-spectrum neutral-toned shadows, because I recently offloaded my Naked 3 palette after realizing that I love the conceptof it but just find that its shadows are too weak in their performance to validate a $54 palette purchase. This left a chasm! A gaping hole! Why not find other pink/taupe/bronze neutrals to help fill it? And, whelp… that’s how you place another Fyrinnae order. It just so happened that a BUNCH of my indie orders all arrived at once (Pumpkin and Poppy, Hello Waffle, and Darling Clandestine all showed up in my mailbox within 48 hours of each other), so I am in drunken indie product bliss at the moment, and I was so excited about these shades (especially Orangutan!) that I needed to swatch them right away.

Swatchy swatchy swatchin’!

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