Look of Today: Femme Fatale Candied Apple, Prismo, and Shiro Little Bird, and Hello Waffle Ginger Kitties lip balm

Monday this week my summer season at work kicked into high gear. Serves me right that this also coincides with the mailman (ei. my love-hate relationship) bringing four orders I have been waiting on: Hello Waffle, Darling Clandestine, Femme Fatale, and Notoriously Morbid. Reviews and looks with all of these amazing products will be coming this next week, BUT in the mean time I did have some time to play around with some of the Femme Fatale shadows!

Like a fool, I almost didn’t order their Candied Apple shadow… but I am SO GLAD I DID. Observe:



Green duochromes have been calling to me recently, and the moment I applied Candied Apple, angels started to sing in the back of my mind. It’s not an outspoken shadow by any means. The dusty pink base is pretty unassuming– a lovely enough color that I would wear to work regularly enough. But then the light catches it, and all of a sudden it is somewhere in between being ethereal, and a bit eerie. I also used Prismo in the outer V to deepen the color a bit.


I also received a free sample of Femme Fatale’s Burning Low blush from their Post-Apocalyptic collection. First, I am super into post-apocalyptic literature, and though no one would know I was wearing something so-named on my face, it still tickles me a little bit. Second, I am on a bit of an orange blush kick, and this blush is ORANGE. I think it’s pretty fabulous.


And I can’t help but give another shout-out to my new Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark contour powder, because it is just divine. As a pale, pink naked mole rat of a person I am super grateful to have found this shade.


Let’s continue to ignore my heinous orange work t-shirt for the moment. I also wanted to give Hello Waffle’s Ginger Kitties tinted lip balm a try. The color is ABSOLUTELY perfect, perhaps the truest My Lips But Better shade I have come across! Isn’t it stunning? I personally really struggle with the formula– it’s a bit too gritty on application, has a bit too much slip for my tastes, and unfortunately seems to make my lips dry instead of moisturizing them, but I know a lot of people find this to be really moisturizing and like the formula. My lips are a little finnicky. I’ll totally continue to wear Ginger Kitties, though because I just can’t pass up such a perfect shade!

The products!

  • MUFE HD Foundation in 110
  • Palladio herbal foundation primer
  • NARS smudge-proof eye primer
  • Darling Girl Glitter Glue
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 01 and Secret Brightening Powder
  • Femme Fatale Candy Apple and Prismo (on lid)
  • Shiro Little Bird (in crease)
  • L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Lashes in black
  • MAC Fluidline in Dipdown
  • Poppy and Pumkin Oak Bark contour powder
  • Femme Fatale Post-Apocalyptic Burning Low blush
  • Anastasia dip brow in Auburn
  • Hello Waffle Ginger Kitties tinted lip balm

It should be noted that I purchased these products completely on my own and am reviewing them independently, without affiliation to anything or anyone other than my mild (ahem) addiction to makeup.

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