What’s this? More nails? Green nails!

Hand model I am not:


BUT I can confidently say that I have not bitten my nails in almost a week, and they also have not broken or otherwise been tarnished! I decided to pick up some nail tape and give it a go… this isn’t complex or impressive in any way, but I can at least say that I think it was a success, if a simple one!


I used Revlon’s Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat, then Cult Nails Thrive, and then applied nail tape. Then I applied Formula X for Sephora Drawn To You, and then the In a Hurry Air Dry Top Coat. Add in lots and lots of time in between each of those steps, except applying nail tape and then Drawn To You, because I have now learned that you must remove sticky objects BEFORE the polish dries, or suffer the consequences.

It feels important to note that these photos are two days after I actually painted the nails, and the polish around the cuticles has been picked at just a little bit, so it doesn’t look quite as good as when they were initially done.

I’ve also heard that it’s important to see the thumb:


And I have one of those! Ta da!

Thus marks five days into my Diabolical Agenda To Learn To Stop Biting My Nails… so far so good!

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