Swatches and Review: Comparing Fyrinnae Greek Goddess and Charm blushes


“It’s summer,” you say to yourself, “Where the hell are my bright blushes?!” Before toying around with Greek Goddess in my look yesterday, this was the thought that went through my head. Never fear, here is a comparison between two very bright, but very different pink blushes that are perfect for looking exquisitely blush-y during these equally bright summer months: Fyrinnae Greek Goddess (featured in my last post) and Fyrinnae Charm (featured above).

Let’s get a closer look!

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Look of Today: Indie neutrals with Fyrinnae Greek Goddess blush and Queer Theory lip lustre


Do you ever wake up in the morning with a clear thought of what you want to do for your makeup that day? I somehow woke up knowing I wanted bright pink cheeks and lips, and neutral, simple eyes. Maybe I had some sort of a dream that I can’t remember now, about strawberry flavored shaved ice and pink cotton candy, but whatever happened, this is what we came up with!

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Look of Today: Simple liner with Fyrinnae Ethereal Eire, and giving up on foundation

It’s been 95-100 degrees every day the past three days (aw man, I am such a whiner) and after I struggled not to sweat my makeup off for the 4th of July, it was a welcome respite to go foundation-free today (though if I’m honest, I rarely wear a full face to work during the summer unless I have an important program I am doing). I’m on a shadow-liner kick right now (has anybody noticed?), and I have been desperate to give my new Fyrinnae Ethereal Eire shadow a go at something. Why not bring it into the liner ring?

Ding ding!

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Let’s try some black french tips!


flat,550x550,075,fThis Large Wood Nymph inspired me to try a black and cream motif for my nails this week (PEOPLE, people, we are moving on TWO WEEKS into the Diabolical Agenda To Learn To Stop Biting My Nails). I love butterflies, but unfortunately don’t know as much about individual species as I would like. But damnit if I won’t still try to draw inspiration from them! As a humorous aside, I once worked with a girl who was afraid of butterflies (like, reacted to them like I react to big fat spiders in my sink). I discovered this in the moment– we were walking away from the tool shed at work and a butterfly lightly flitted past her face, and she shrieked and damn near fell ass over feet. Thankfully we were both able to laugh about it later. I also learned that butterflies don’t give a shit about what people are doing, unlike spiders and wasps. Probably for the best, though I would have been interested in seeing a butterfly attempt to attack somebody. (If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure this is exactly what she was afraid of.)

I’m not quite ready to attempt a butterfly wing pattern yet, so I went with black french tips!


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