Look of Today: Indie neutrals with Fyrinnae Greek Goddess blush and Queer Theory lip lustre


Do you ever wake up in the morning with a clear thought of what you want to do for your makeup that day? I somehow woke up knowing I wanted bright pink cheeks and lips, and neutral, simple eyes. Maybe I had some sort of a dream that I can’t remember now, about strawberry flavored shaved ice and pink cotton candy, but whatever happened, this is what we came up with!

I’ve been a bit behind on doing swatches because I’ve been a bit in the weeds at work (I’ve also been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen, apparently… don’t throw me under the bus!), but this past week my full-size Meloncholy lip lustre and full-size Hollywood Sorcery finishing powder came in, and with it a sample of the Greek Goddess blush. THIS BLUSH IS AMAZING.


It is a very, very vibrant pink in the jar, and it is quite pigmented. I found a little bit went a long way. I expected it to look almost a bit more neon on my cheeks, but honestly it went on really naturally for such an intense color.


Today was finally my day to whip out Queer Theory as well, which is… I’m just going to say it, it’s a baller color. It’s a very warm pink color, maybe slightly coral leaning but it doesn’t have obvious orange overtones so much as it is just a warm color. It applies smoothly like all of my lip lustres, and is deliciously pigmented.


The eyes are simple– Shiro Doge over the lid, Fyrinnae Koala in the outer V, and Hello Waffle Dormouse in the crease. I wish that I had a color exactly like Dormouse, but as more of a satin shade as opposed to being quite so sparkly, I just love what a beautiful taupe it is! No liner today, but I did tight line the upper lids with Laura Mercier Espresso Bean.


The Queer Theory lip lustre really makes a statement, doesn’t it? I think that I’ll probably be ordering a full size of it, as well as the Greek Goddess blush. They work SO well with one another, and are both such pretty, girly colors.

Now to be the late-comer going to see X-Men Days of Future Past!


  • MUFE HD Foundation in 110
  • NARS smudge-proof eye primer
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 01 and Secret Brightening Powder
  • Palladio herbal foundation primer
  • Fyrinnae Hollywood Sorcery finishing powder (applied over primer Goss style)
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
  • Shiro Doge, Fyrinnae Koala, Hello Waffle Dormouse
  • Covergirl clumpcrushers mascara in black
  • Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark contour powder
  • Fyrinnae Greek Goddess blush
  • Anastasia dip brow in Auburn
  • Fyrinnae Queer Theory lip lustre

5 thoughts on “Look of Today: Indie neutrals with Fyrinnae Greek Goddess blush and Queer Theory lip lustre

  1. AG says:

    You’re making me want to place another Fyrinnae order today! I love all these products on you, and I think your blush placement is a marvelous way to keep a bright blush in check 😀 How does Hollywood Sorcery work out with the Wayne Goss method – does it change the appearance of your foundation?

    • Haha, Fyrinnae makes it WAY too easy to do so with their low shipping costs too… dangit D: Thank you so much!! I don’t find that Hollywood Sorcery changes the appearance of the foundation any differently than any other powder does with the Wayne Goss method, if that makes sense? It has that pretty luminous finish, and the slightly added coverage. I experiment a lot with applying my foundation that way, or the old fashioned way, and I don’t know that I’m entirely sold on the method yet… but I like using Hollywood Sorcery as a regular over-the-top finishing powder too 🙂

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