Swatches and Review: A whole pile of Dawn Eyes Cosmetics shadows!


Ooo, a preview of the look!

After a long hard day at work, sometimes you just want to come home and SWATCH SOME EYESHADOW damnit!

Lucky for me, I had a new package of a million sample shadows from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics waiting for me when I got home! And by a million, I actually mean 35. In that general ‘million’ ballpark.

Dawn Eyes was recommended to me by a sweet Reddit user, Daisyismydog. If I have a million sample baggies of pretty shadows sitting on my vanity now, then Dawn Eyes has several trillion shadows available on their website. I will admit the functionality of their website initially put me off from ordering, largely because it was just so time consuming to go through each collection individually to hunt down the shades I wanted, but with occasional probing from Daisy, hearing great stories about Dawn’s customer service, turn around time, and prices, and seeing Reddit user Valtron3030’s swatches of Dawn Eyes’ Fluid Copper and Northern Lights, I decided to dive in. Boy was it worth my time!


Behold, the spoils of my late night internet plundering! Unfortunately I can’t fit 35 shadows on my arm very easily, so I feel we would perhaps be best served by narrowing this down into groups with no particular rhyme or reason. So today, we will be focusing on these 13 beautiful shadows:


Hop to!

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Swatches and Review: Fyrinnae Snow Leopard, Jade Ghost, Meerkat, and comparison between pressed and loose Mephisto

When we last left our hero, she had confessed to quickly exchanging coin with Fyrinnae once again upon the unexpected appearance of a wild Loose Mephisto Shadow in their lands. What could be the result of such a venture? Will our hero come out unscathed?DSC_0249


AHERM. Needless to say, my second little Fyrinnae order arrived today! (Exercising self control to not include additional exclamation points). The gods have smiled upon me and allowed both of my orders to arrive on days when I have time to dick around with my spoils.

Here we see Meerkat, Jade Ghost, Snow Leopard, Mephisto, and a full size Pygmy Hippo lip lustre! This beautiful little bundle was sitting in my mailbox when I got home from a dog jog, so I didn’t even have to pretend I wasn’t intending to ambush my mailman when he arrived…since I never had the chance to. I feel pretty charmed with my Fyrinnae shipping, because both of my packages have arrived to me not TWO DAYS after they were dropped in the mail. Two days!! For all of the impatience I am having to adjust to with ordering indies, my present balm is that I live only a couple of states away from Fyrinnae, so I get it about as quickly as I would my Sephora VIB Rouge two-day shipping.


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Look of Today: Fyrinnae’s Rapunzel had Extensions


Like many of us, I have to keep my looks fairly simply for work and reserve the craziness for my weekends. That doesn’t mean I can’t play around with my new shadows, though!

This is my look featuring Fyrinnae’s Rapunzel Had Extensions eye shadow, which has very quickly sailed up to the tops of my favorite shadows. The golden peachy tones are perfect for summer (though I am sure I could somehow find use for it year round 😉 ).

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Look of Today: Playing with Fyrinnae Work Safe Blue and Shiro Punch Punch Pork

This is a quick one!

Birds and sun woke me up a bit earlier this morning, so I was able to play around a bit before schlepping off to work! The result of my extra time was getting to know Fyrinnae’s Work Safe Blue a bit better, which I have been enamored with from first swatch but haven’t had a chance to really use with yet. After my lackluster comments of Shiro Punch Punch Pork yesterday, I also wanted to give it a fair shot. After using it, I actually REALLY like the color and appreciate that it doesn’t apply as ‘punchy’ out of the container, because otherwise I might have looked like I have a serious case of pink eye.


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A Tutorial: Blue Tears and Orange Wings (kind of), PLUS Swatches from Shiro!

I was inspired by Rebecca Shores’ recent Color Theory for Makeup post (and honestly by all of her incredible looks), especially her ingenious use of pop colors in the inner eye corner. I wanted to do something that utilized this, utilized some bright, summery colors, and tested my lower eyelid shadow application. This coincided with a recent Reddit post from u/HobbitQueen that featured some killer suggestions for rocking statement blush. It occurred to me that since I have a camera, I could indeed take way too many pictures of my entire process of putting this stuff onto my own face, and that other people could perhaps do the same thing by looking at these too many pictures.

Thus, this makeup monsterpiece was born:

DSC_0149Additionally, I have swatches of some great Shiro shadows I picked up! Let’s do this!

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