Swatches and Review: A whole pile of Dawn Eyes Cosmetics shadows!


Ooo, a preview of the look!

After a long hard day at work, sometimes you just want to come home and SWATCH SOME EYESHADOW damnit!

Lucky for me, I had a new package of a million sample shadows from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics waiting for me when I got home! And by a million, I actually mean 35. In that general ‘million’ ballpark.

Dawn Eyes was recommended to me by a sweet Reddit user, Daisyismydog. If I have a million sample baggies of pretty shadows sitting on my vanity now, then Dawn Eyes has several trillion shadows available on their website. I will admit the functionality of their website initially put me off from ordering, largely because it was just so time consuming to go through each collection individually to hunt down the shades I wanted, but with occasional probing from Daisy, hearing great stories about Dawn’s customer service, turn around time, and prices, and seeing Reddit user Valtron3030’s swatches of Dawn Eyes’ Fluid Copper and Northern Lights, I decided to dive in. Boy was it worth my time!


Behold, the spoils of my late night internet plundering! Unfortunately I can’t fit 35 shadows on my arm very easily, so I feel we would perhaps be best served by narrowing this down into groups with no particular rhyme or reason. So today, we will be focusing on these 13 beautiful shadows:


Hop to!

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