Swatches and Review: Notoriously Morbid October Vanishing Cabinet… Walking Dead!

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Today was a fabulous mail day… because my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet arrived! Once upon a time I was subscribed to Birchbox and then I tried Ipsy, but ultimately both of those boxes really disappointed me. When the Vanishing Cabinet subscription because available, I launched myself at it with the power of a thousand fiery booster rockets and haven’t regretted a single month of it (that shows how flat Birchbox and Ipsy fell for me, when I measure them largely by their disappointments despite really trying to like htem). Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinets are always so creative and also really appeal to the nerd in me (last month was Tim Curry, this month is The Walking Dead… what’s not to fall in love with?)

Let’s take a look at some swatches!



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Silent Samurai has a blue base with tons of pink (and maybe some blue?) sparks. I’m not usually a huge blue fan, but holy cow this is so gorgeous! Admittedly, it looked a lot more purple in the jar than it did on my arm, which I was surprised to find. I think it’s because of how prominent the pink sparks show up over the blue base in the jar. I applied it over Darling Girl Glitter Glue, but I think it might need a stronger adhesive like Pixie Epoxy to really pull out the pinks? In any case, this is a really pretty color.



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Pray I’m Dead is a charcoal colored shadow with gold/green shine. It looks pretty consistent between the swatch and the jar, as you can see. I think this would make one hell of a unique smoky eye!


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Cherokee Rose is a slightly peachy rose color with champagne sparkles. I actually think this would make a pretty tremendous lip color as well.


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Officer Friendly is my favorite of the bunch! And there is obviously a LOT to like here. It surprised me when I applied it, because I didn’t expect the brown to be quite as dark… comparing the picture of the swatch and the . It’s a warm brown base (a spot on color for Grimes’ uniform), with some gold/green toned sheen to it. The shift is very cool, I’m excited to use this!

There were also two samples in the Vanishing Cabinet:


Don’t Think So Loud s REALLY pretty! It’s a baby pink with blue/silvery sparks. For such a light color, it had excellent pigmentation.


The Cabinet also came with a little baggie of cosmetic glitter, with light pink, dark pink, blue, purple, and green. It sort of reminds me of a cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles.

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The shadows came with a special little Walking Dead label, super spoopy.

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It also came with a Coffin Kisser, too! Aaahhh, I LOVE COFFIN KISSERS. I’ve mentioned this before, but Coffin Kissers are currently my go-to lip balm. They don’t have too much slip, and they moisturize my lips for a good long while. Plus, they come in a lot of flavors! And they are ONLY $3! I have a confession with this one… I’m not sure exactly what the flavor is. A sort of peachy gourmand kind of thing? I may totally reneg that guess, but I will say it’s yummy, and it’s just as lovely as my other three coffin kissers. Come into my purse, little lip balm, don’t be scared…

EDIT: AW HELL YEAH the flavor is, according to Carrie (owner of Notoriously Morbid) “Georgia Peach Cobbler”! As a person with a distinct lack of hand-eye coordination, I can only imagine this is what a slam dunk feels like? Can I say “boo yah” yet? Did that actually die with the 90’s?

Turn Around Time

Because I have a monthly subscription to the Vanishing Cabinet, I don’t ‘place an order’ at any particular time, so I can’t speak to that for this product. I do find that I tend to get them toward the latter half of the month. I received this about three days after I received the shipping notification, which I know has nothing to do with Notoriously Morbid, but because USPS has been sucking a bit more royally than usual for me recently, this was a pleasant surprise.

Final Thoughts

If you can sign up for the Vanishing Cabinet, I recommend it. It’s $12.90 with shipping per month, and you get four unique shadow minis, usually two samples, and some sort of a neat extra (like the Coffin Kisser this month, or the lipcraft lip gloss last month). It’s a really well put together little collection each month. It’s like getting a little present, whether you deserve it or not! (Looking at the chocolate bars I’ve demolished this past week, I would say I didn’t deserve it… but I get it anyway, ha ha!).

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