Wherefore art thou, Shiro?: A story in gifs

Monday morning, I woke up to a confirmation e-mail from Shiro… MY ORDER HAD SHIPPED.


Then began the torture of waiting for the rest of the week. Thanks for nothing, Memorial Day.tumblr_m8kbw5SxhQ1r6zyb4o1_500

Yesterday morning, it was OUT FOR DELIVERY.EXCITEDIn some ways, maybe it was better I wasn’t there when the mailman arrived…

how-i-greet-my-mailman-oAnd in the past day since I’ve received my package, I’ve gone from this:


To this:SmeagolPrecious

And considering my trajectory, I think we can expect in the next week to get to this point:R4hux

Except with killer wings and some eyebrows, of course.

Stay tuned for swatches and a look!

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