A different sort of review… tri-colored stacking rings from WelltonWorks


Since I typically explore all things indie in this blog, I’ve decided to take a SLIGHT detour from makeup… into indie jewelry! Holidays are approaching, bla bla bla, REGARDLESS I may or may not have decided that I wanted to treat myself to something beautiful and rustic right now instead of waiting two months for the holidays. One of the absolute loveliest people that I know in the world, Kristine, runs WelltonWorks, a small hand-crafted jewelry business out of California that sells through Etsy, and her tri-colored stacking rings really caught my eye. Little did she know that I also wanted to do a little review of her work (MWAHAHA), so secretly, OH SO SECRETLY I placed an order!


The stack arrived in an adorable little hand-stamped container, with the freaking most adorable handmade card with a little raccoon on it.


This card could not be more perfect because it is not widely known to many (except Kristine and my husband) that I in fact have the hands of a raccoon, reminiscent of this… if you look closely enough, I think they are clearly about 4.5 in size:

Ready for the catch

The innards of the package looked like this:

ww-2What can I say? I’m a sucker for good packaging.


The rings themselves are the perfect size, and really comfortable. I am actually not a ‘ring’ person (I in fact used the same ring for both my wedding and engagement rings because I usually feel the burning urge to rip rings off almost immediately after I put them on, although I enjoy owning them), so I was almost a bit surprised to find that these didn’t bother me when I wore them all afternoon. You can choose between a hammered and smooth finish, and as you can see I selected smooth. They are beautiful while still being understated, which is just how I like my jewelry.

Turn Around Time

WelltonWorks advertises a two week turn around time. I placed my order on September 19th, and my rings were shipped on October 3rd, so well within the stated TAT. I received them today (October 6th)… I love it when shipping doesn’t take very long! The whole process was very smooth from order to arrival.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love my rings, and they are of great quality! Simple, well-made jewelry is something I am always searching for, and I especially appreciate the approach WellWorks takes to its designs. I may or may not be lemming over a few other things as well, especially the Circle Ring, and Teeny Tiny Drop Earrings. My order was a great experience, and I would recommend giving it a try!


Circle Ring, Photo from WellWorks Etsy page

Teeny Tiny Drop Earrings, Photo from Wellworks Etsy page

Teeny Tiny Drop Earrings, Photo from WellWorks Etsy page

Your Turn

Are you a jewelry-wearer? What sorts of pieces suit your style?

Please note that this review was unsolicited and the items were all personally purchased by yours truly without prompting of the shop owner.

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